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Student Recruitment

The College intention is to select candidates and give them the best possible guide to achieve their development objectives.  We seek to match applicants to their:-

·         Area of interest

·         Career intention

·         Academic capability

·         Ability to understand and follow instruction


At recruitment interview we ask questions that will help to establish and confirm candidate’s:

·         Academic suitability

·         Genuineness of intention to study

·         Financial viability

Candidates in foreign countries will be interviewed using the Skype.  Foreign qualifications will be verified using the UKNARIC data base.  The College Skype address is NorthLondon 5.  The College is a member of the UKNARIC.

Each candidate will be encouraged to complete the Pre-Enrolment Form online.  The College will then invite the candidate to a Pre-Enrolment Interview.  Those who are unable to attend at the premises will be at a location with Skype address. 

The Interviewer will be given a set of questions grouped into three:

·         Suitability

·         Genuineness

·         Viability


The College admission panel will make the admission decision based on the responses from the interview.  The outcome of the panel’s decision will determine the next stage of the enrolment journey.

Download Pre-enrolment Form

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