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Degree & Professional Courses

In the current national qualification framework, courses leading to BA, BSc degrees are QCF level 6.  Courses at this level enable students to obtain knowledge, skills etc at the first degree standard.

Postgraduate courses are tagged QCF/NQF level 7.

The College’s educational philosophy is to enable students to earn where possible more than one qualification on a single programme.  On following one course our students may earn:-

  • Diploma – recognised by all authorities
  • Degrees – from a UK university
  • Professional – professional skills that can lead to membership of a UK professional body.
  • Work – a diploma that may enable students to obtain jobs while studying either part-time or full time.

Our programmes are aimed at developing the candidates to work, study and achieve recognised qualifications.

This approach is developed, at the moment, in the following areas:-

  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Business & Administration
  • Health & Social Care
  • Child Care & Education

The programmes are suitable for a number of people:-

  • Candidates wishing to obtain their degree qualification while studying near their homes
  • Candidates who start degree courses locally but transfer later to universities of their choice
  • Candidates who want to work while studying
  • Mature students – parents may study while their children are in school
  • Candidates who cannot afford the high fees at universities - our fees can be less than 40% of national fees
  • Candidates wishing to obtain their qualifications at a faster pace
  • Adult learners who would prefer a more mature learning environment
  • Candidates who want to obtain professional membership as well as a university qualification

 Course Outline

There are two approaches. 

  • Professional linked programmes
  • Distance /On-line Learning programmes

Professional Bodies

The College is accredited by a number of leading UK professional bodies.  These include:-

  • The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – for accountancy and finance
  • The International Association of Book Keepers.

The College is also accredited by a number of UK vocational bodies.  These include:-

  • Educational Development International -  for Health & Social Care
  • Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education - for Child Care, Learning and Development, and Health & Social Care

 Distance Learning and On-Line Studies

In 1986 the College began to provide tuition and learning assistance to students on Distance Learning external degree programmes.  The student needs to register with an appropriate university and contact the College.

This has been a well established approach to learning.  A number of UK Universities have established this approach.  Prominent among such universities is the University of London.

The College supports students (Full time /Part time) on a number of areas, subject to demand including:- 

  • Law
  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Banking and Finance

Accounting & Finance

The ACCA developed what some consider the world’s best applied accounting degree in partnership with Oxford Brookes University – ACCA/BA/MBA.

Level 6:  ACCA Fundamental – Oxford Brookes BSc

Level 7:  ACCA Professional – Oxford Brookes MBA

Candidates are encouraged to visit the relevant websites for full details.


Banking & Finance

 External London degrees

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