About North London College


We welcome you to North London College. We hope that you will find the course you are looking for here and make the choice to study North London College online or class based programme. Whatever mode of study you chose, with NLC it will be a pleasant and rewarding experience for you. We aim to see that you receive an outstanding learning experience.

Whatever your education aim may be, we will do what we can to ensure that you receive high standard services, expert teaching and additional help when you require it. Studying with NLC can become stimulating and rewarding if you know how to make the best use of opportunities.

North London College is an independent institution of further and higher education incorporated in the UK under English law with registration number 7750588.

The College is dedicated to providing a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses at an affordable cost. All learning activities, materials and content are provided online using modern delivery models to make learning more engaging and cost effective. On completion of an NLC course, it will give you recognised University credits to then “top up” at one of our UK or Foreign University partners, saving you time and money.